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found 117 buildings with architectural style: Greek Revival

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addressconstruction datearchitectural stylehistoric district
5 LINCOLN ST5 lincoln st
mid -19th centuryGreek RevivalNot Applicable
4 LOVEJOY RD4 lovejoy rd
early 19th cent.Greek RevivalNot Applicable
22 LOWELL ST22 lowell st
1840'sGreek RevivalShawsheen Village NRH District
47 LOWELL ST47 lowell st
Welland Deerin House
1840Greek RevivalAndover Village Industrial NRH District
74 LOWELL ST74 lowell st
c.1830's-40'sGreek RevivalNot Applicable
117 LOWELL ST117 lowell st
Greek RevivalNot Applicable
183 LOWELL ST183 lowell st
Phelps, Herman House
1846Greek RevivalWest Parish Center NRH District
189 LOWELL ST189 lowell st
Tuck, John II House
1850'sGreek RevivalWest Parish Center NRH District
27 MAIN ST27 main st
Barnard's Block; currently Taylor Shop
1850sGreek RevivalNot Applicable
97 MAIN ST97 main st
Amos Blanchard House
1819Greek RevivalNot Applicable
104 MAIN ST104 main st
Ballard, Capt. Joshua House
1848Greek RevivalNot Applicable
106 MAIN ST106 main st
Abbott, Amos House
1830 1860Greek RevivalNot Applicable
112 MAIN ST112 main st
Abbott, Dea. Amos Dry Goods and Grocery Store
ca. 1830Greek RevivalNot Applicable
135-137 MAIN ST135-137 main st
Phillips Academy Steward's House
old part may date from 1809Greek RevivalNot Applicable
157 main st
Cheever House - Phillips Academy Faculty Housing
1840'sGreek RevivalAcademy Hill NRH District
8 MARLAND ST8 marland st
1860'sGreek RevivalBallardvale Local Historic District and Ballardvale National Register District
9-11 MARLAND ST9-11 marland st
Ballardvale Mills Double Worker Housing
1860'sGreek RevivalBallardvale Local Historic District and Ballardvale National Register District
4 MORTON ST4 morton st
Goggin House - Andover Theological Seminary
early 19th centuryGreek RevivalAcademy Hill NRH District
14 MORTON ST14 morton st
Abbott, John Lovejoy Carriage House
1780 - 1840'sGreek RevivalNot Applicable
NA north main st
Poor's Wagon Shop
1830'sGreek RevivalShawsheen Village NRH District

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