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addressconstruction datearchitectural stylehistoric district
12 SCHOOL ST12 school st
Clement, Jonathan House
early 19th centuryFederalAcademy Hill NRH District
15 SCHOOL ST15 school st
Goodhue House - Phillips Academy
early 19th century, 1825FederalAcademy Hill NRH District
19 SCHOOL ST19 school st
McDuffie House - Phillips Academy
1838FederalAcademy Hill NRH District
23 SCHOOL ST23 school st
Morton House - Phillips Academy Dormitory
c. 1832FederalAcademy Hill NRH District
11 SHAWSHEEN RD11 shawsheen rd
1757?FederalAndover Village Industrial NRH District
29-33 SHAWSHEEN RD29-33 shawsheen rd
Marland, Abraham - Cogswell, Francis House
1812-1813FederalAndover Village Industrial NRH District
238 SOUTH MAIN ST238 south main st
Gould House - Phillips Academy
c. 1810FederalNot Applicable
244 SOUTH MAIN ST244 south main st
Leavitt-Newman House
1823-1825FederalNot Applicable
271 SOUTH MAIN ST271 south main st
1807-1857FederalNot Applicable
352 SOUTH MAIN ST352 south main st
circa 1800FederalNot Applicable
400 SOUTH MAIN ST400 south main st
Jacquith, James House
c. 1800FederalNot Applicable
468 SOUTH MAIN ST468 south main st
1805FederalNot Applicable
469 SOUTH MAIN ST469 south main st
The Old Toll House
1806-1810FederalNot Applicable
01 stevens st
Marland Mills
c.1832FederalAndover Village Industrial NRH District
40-42 STEVENS ST40-42 stevens st
Marland Mills Worker Housing
early 19th centuryFederalAndover Village Industrial NRH District
55-57 STEVENS ST55-57 stevens st
Marland Mills Double Worker Housing
@1820FederalAndover Village Industrial NRH District
22 STINSON RD22 stinson rd
Abbot, N. House
early 1800's - pre 1830'sFederalNot Applicable
3 STONEHEDGE RD3 stonehedge rd
c. 1820'sFederalNot Applicable
54 WOODLAND RD54 woodland rd
Wood, Capt. House
1812FederalNot Applicable

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