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addressconstruction datearchitectural stylehistoric district
293 SALEM ST293 salem st
Woodbridge, George B. House
ca. 1840'sGreek RevivalNot Applicable
11 SCHOOL ST11 school st
Jackson House - Phillips Academy
1837Greek RevivalAcademy Hill NRH District
20 SCHOOL ST20 school st
Bailey, Bertha House
1830Greek RevivalAcademy Hill NRH District
22 SCHOOL ST22 school st
Flagg House - Phillips Academy
c. 1840Greek RevivalAcademy Hill NRH District
34 SCHOOL ST34 school st
Chandler, Herman Cottage - Phillips Academy
1852-1856Greek RevivalAcademy Hill NRH District
49 school st
Sisters of Notre Dame Convent
early 20th centuryGreek RevivalNot Applicable
73 SCHOOL ST73 school st
1840'sGreek RevivalNot Applicable
197 SHAWSHEEN RD197 shawsheen rd
West Parish Church Parsonage
1832-1833Greek RevivalWest Parish Center NRH District
261 SOUTH MAIN ST261 south main st
Twin Maples
1820-1840Greek RevivalNot Applicable
277 SOUTH MAIN ST277 south main st
1830'sGreek RevivalNot Applicable
331 SOUTH MAIN ST331 south main st
Turner Farm
1813Greek RevivalNot Applicable
379 south main st
Phillips Academy Grounds Department Office - Shop
1850'sGreek RevivalAcademy Hill NRH District
100 SPRING GROVE RD100 spring grove rd
Tyer House
1908Greek RevivalNot Applicable
3 STINSON RD3 stinson rd
c. 1830'sGreek RevivalNot Applicable
10 SUMMER ST10 summer st
Whittier, Nathaniel House
ca. 1830Greek RevivalNot Applicable
33 SUMMER ST33 summer st
1856 - 1860, 1850'sGreek RevivalNot Applicable
42 SUMMER ST42 summer st
ca. 1830Greek RevivalNot Applicable

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