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addressconstruction datearchitectural stylehistoric district
9 HIDDEN RD9 hidden rd
1920OtherNot Applicable
15 HIDDEN RD15 hidden rd
Abbot, Moses - Chandler, John House
ca. 1750OtherNot Applicable
16 HIDDEN RD16 hidden rd
1907Colonial RevivalNot Applicable
17 HIDDEN RD17 hidden rd
Chandler, Isaac - Hidden, David House
1811 - 1812OtherNot Applicable
22 HIDDEN RD22 hidden rd
Lincolnshire, The
1898OtherNot Applicable
104 HIDDEN RD104 hidden rd
Hinton House and Farm
1905OtherNot Applicable
142 HIDDEN RD142 hidden rd
Jones - Bassett Farm
exact date uncertain - early 18th century; ?et. (before 1776) older than outward appearance indicates.OtherNot Applicable

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