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addressconstruction datearchitectural stylehistoric district
1-7 MAIN ST1-7 main st
The Carter Block
summer of 1884OtherNot Applicable
2 MAIN ST2 main st
Musgrove Block
OtherNot Applicable
3 MAIN ST3 main st
1884OtherNot Applicable
10-16 MAIN ST10-16 main st
Barnard Block
1910OtherIndividual National Register Listing
13-17 MAIN ST13-17 main st
OtherNot Applicable
19-23 MAIN ST19-23 main st
Andover National Bank
OtherNot Applicable
20 MAIN ST20 main st
Andover Town Hall
before 1858Romanesque RevivalNot Applicable
23 MAIN ST23 main st
Andover National Bank
1890Romanesque RevivalNot Applicable
27 MAIN ST27 main st
Barnard's Block; currently Taylor Shop
1850sGreek RevivalNot Applicable
29 MAIN ST29 main st
1976OtherNot Applicable
35 MAIN ST35 main st
OtherNot Applicable
36-38 MAIN ST36-38 main st
Barnard's Brick Block
1883 - 1885Queen AnneNot Applicable
42 MAIN ST42 main st
Cooley House
OtherAcademy Hill NRH District
42-46 MAIN ST42-46 main st
OtherNot Applicable
45 MAIN ST45 main st
OtherNot Applicable
54 MAIN ST54 main st
Arco Building
OtherNot Applicable
60 MAIN ST60 main st
Andover Press Building; Richardson Place
1906OtherNot Applicable
61 MAIN ST61 main st
Swift House
1840 house, 1924 Andover Savings BankOtherNot Applicable
65 MAIN ST65 main st
OtherNot Applicable
66 MAIN ST66 main st
OtherNot Applicable

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