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addressconstruction datearchitectural stylehistoric district
58 ABBOT ST58 abbot st
1745GeorgianNot Applicable
189 ABBOT ST189 abbot st
18th centuryGeorgianNot Applicable
130 ARGILLA RD130 argilla rd
pre-1830GeorgianNot Applicable
125 BAILEY RD125 bailey rd
1730 - 80GeorgianNot Applicable
57 BALLARDVALE RD57 ballardvale rd
Capt. Job Abbot/Nathan Ballard Abbot House
18th centuryGeorgianNot Applicable
9 BANCROFT RD9 bancroft rd
Pearson, Joseph - Bancroft, Albert House
1790GeorgianNot Applicable
23 - 23A CENTRAL ST23 - 23a central st
Jonathan Swift House
1795GeorgianCentral Street NRH District
88 CENTRAL ST88 central st
Ballard, Sheribiah - Emery, Francis House
1717-1720GeorgianNot Applicable
2 CHESTNUT ST2 chestnut st
Abbot, Abner House/ Rose Cottage
1784GeorgianCentral Street NRH District
103 DASCOMB RD103 dascomb rd
Pillsbury - French House
1790'sGeorgianIndividual National Register Listing
125 DASCOMB RD125 dascomb rd
Dascomb, Jacob House
1758GeorgianIndividual National Register Listing
35-37 ELM ST35-37 elm st
Ames, Capt. Benjamin Double House
1777GeorgianNot Applicable
134 ELM ST134 elm st
Abbott, Dr. Nehemiah - Lee, Capt. John House
ca. 1748GeorgianNot Applicable
75 essex st
Abbot Village Mills Workers Housing
early 18th cent.GeorgianAndover Village Industrial NRH District
102 GOULD RD102 gould rd
1790, c. 1780GeorgianNot Applicable
7 HEARTHSTONE PL7 hearthstone pl
Blanchard - Upton House
1699GeorgianIndividual National Register Listing
109-R HOLT RD109-R holt rd
c. 1770GeorgianNot Applicable
173 HOLT RD173 holt rd
Holt House
18th century/may be early 18th cent.GeorgianNot Applicable
233 HOLT RD233 holt rd
Holt, Joseph - Stinson, Capt. James H. House
1770GeorgianNot Applicable
54 MORTON ST54 morton st
Phillips, Judge Samuel Store
before 1791GeorgianNot Applicable

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