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addressconstruction datearchitectural stylehistoric district
211 ANDOVER ST211 andover st
Jamie Poor House
1850'sGothic RevivalBallardvale Local Historic District
34 ESSEX ST34 essex st
Abbot, Joseph Thompson House
1844-1850Gothic RevivalIndividual National Register Listing
40 HIGH ST40 high st
Wilbur, Rev. Henry House
1850'sGothic RevivalNot Applicable
10 HIGH VALE LN10 high vale ln
1843 - 1848Gothic RevivalBallardvale National Register District
14 HIGH VALE LN14 high vale ln
1848Gothic RevivalBallardvale National Register District
20 HIGH VALE LN20 high vale ln
St. Joseph's Church
1881Gothic RevivalBallardvale National Register District
269 HIGHLAND RD269 highland rd
Rogers, Benjamin - Downing, John J. House
c.1840sGothic RevivalIndividual National Register Listing
10-12 MARLAND ST10-12 marland st
Ballardvale Mills Worker Housing
circa 1840-50'sGothic RevivalBallardvale Local Historic District and Ballardvale National Register District
276 NORTH MAIN ST276 north main st
1847 (other forms say 1791)Gothic RevivalIndividual National Register Listing
34 PEARSON ST34 pearson st
mid-19th centuryGothic RevivalNot Applicable

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