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addressconstruction datearchitectural stylehistoric district
53 ABBOT ST53 abbot st
circa 1872ItalianateNot Applicable
000 andover st
John Marland House/The Mansion House
1870 (?)ItalianateBallardvale Local Historic District
174-176 ANDOVER ST174-176 andover st
Ballardvale Boston and Maine Railroad Station, Depot house
ca. 1847-1850; mid-19th centuryItalianateBallardvale Local Historic District
187 ANDOVER ST187 andover st
U. S. Post Office - Ballardvale Branch
1860-70ItalianateBallardvale Local Historic District
228 ANDOVER ST228 andover st
Marland - Bradlee House/ The Mansion House
1843-1848; (1836)ItalianateBallardvale Local Historic District
9 CHESTNUT ST9 chestnut st
Richardson, Dr. Austin - Glazier, Florence House
ca. 1874ItalianateNot Applicable
3 CUBA ST3 cuba st
1850 -1860ItalianateAndover Village Industrial NRH District
22 CUBA ST22 cuba st
2nd half 19th centuryItalianateNot Applicable
36 elm st
c. 1850'sItalianateNot Applicable
48 ELM ST48 elm st
1880ItalianateNot Applicable
23 GLEASON ST23 gleason st
1880 - 1900ItalianateNot Applicable
19 HARDING ST19 harding st
1875-1895ItalianateNot Applicable
41-43 HIGH ST41-43 high st
1860's - 1870'sItalianateNot Applicable
173 HIGH ST173 high st
c. 1860's - 70'sItalianateNot Applicable
4 HIGH VALE LN4 high vale ln
1877; mid-19th centuryItalianateBallardvale National Register District
8 HIGH VALE LN8 high vale ln
1880sItalianateBallardvale National Register District
12 HIGH VALE LN12 high vale ln
Kittredge-Haywood-Wonson House
1847ItalianateNot Applicable
26 HIGH VALE LN26 high vale ln
c. 1870'sItalianateBallardvale National Register District
154 MAIN ST154 main st
Fay House - Phillips Academy Faculty Housing
circa 1860ItalianateAcademy Hill NRH District
23 MAPLE AV23 maple av
1860-1870'sItalianateNot Applicable

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