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Assignments/Tours/Visits to the Library

If students can connect in cyberspace, so can we! It's always helpful if we have advance notice of assignments, so use this page to let us know about upcoming projects. Questions? Call 978-623-8401 x31 or email us.

Please give us a complete and correct email address so we can get back to you!



If large numbers of students are researching a single topic, the library can place materials on temporary reserve so that they may be shared by everyone.
Be sure to tell the students that materials have been placed on reserve.

Having a copy of the actual assignment is a big help to us.


Tours and Visits

If you would like to contact us about a library tour, visit, or assignment, you can e-mail us at: Beth Kerrigan (Preschool - Grade 6) Kimberly Lynn (Grades 7-12)
call us at 623-8400.

Click this button now to send us your information:

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A final note: Please remind students to bring their library cards with them whenever they visit the library.

Last updated: February 28, 2013
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