Memorial Hall Library


live stream of a 3D printer in Make@MHL

MAKE@MHL is Memorial Hall Library's makerspace. Visitors are empowered and inspired to create, learn, and collaborate to support educational, professional, and personal endeavors.

Everyone is welcome to use the makerspace once they have registered and completed an Introduction to MAKE@MHL session. Children in grades 5 and below must be accompanied at all times by an adult who has attended the intro session.

What can you do in the makerspace?

Use our 3D printer, vinyl cutter, poster maker, sewing machine, and other machines and tools.

What hours is the makerspace open?

The makerspace does not have regular hours. Please check the calendar of events for MAKE@MHL's open hours and program schedule. Staff will be on hand to assist you during open hours.

Do I have to be an Andover resident to use MAKE@MHL?

No, there is no residency requirement.

Is there a fee to use MAKE@MHL?

There is no fee to use the makerspace, however, we do charge small amounts to cover the cost of consumable materials. For example:

  • Vinyl Sheet - $1.00 for a new sheet. Scraps are available for free use.
  • 3D Printing - $1.00 per hour printed time.
  • Poster Printer - $1.00 per foot printed.

Rules & Fine Print

  • Be respectful of each other, the equipment and the space.
  • 3D printing jobs can fail for a number of reasons. If this happens, we will attempt to print the job one more time at no additional cost. 
  • Memorial Hall Library does not accept responsibility if a project is destroyed, does not print correctly or does not work.
  • Water is the only drink allowed in the makerspace. All other drinks and food are banned.
  • Memorial Hall Library reserves the right to refuse, halt, or delete the creation of items that are known to be copyright protected, dangerous, disruptive, or illegal.
  • Registrants who are more than 10 minutes late will lose their spot.
  • If a registrant schedules a session and does not show up twice, they will be barred from scheduling another session for 60 days.
  • Registrants are limited to one session per day.
  • If no scheduled session times work for you, please call the reference desk and we can try to work out a time that does.

Book a Session

Use the following form to book a one-hour one-on-one session with one of our MAKE@MHL librarians. If you are interested in setting up a group session (limit 8 people), please contact us directly at