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**IMPORTANT INFORMATION: Please check the museum website first to see if open and then follow directions on obtaining a pass and buying your ticket online. Please plan ahead and reserve your passes. We can mail coupon passes directly to you if time allows.  We make every effort to keep museum infomation up to date, but with the everchanging enviroment we may miss something.**

You can book your own museum pass from home or call the library for assistance. You can either check by museum to see which dates are available, or you can check by date to see which museum passes are available. 

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The Friends of Memorial Hall Library and the Andona Society have provided the library with these memberships to a number of local museums. View the brochure.

In order to reserve a pass, you must have a valid library card in the MVLC database, be 18 years of age or older and have a fine or fee balance under $20.

Passes are available by advance reservation. Each patron may book 1 pass per day and 2 passes per month.

Coupon passes may be picked up 1 week in advance. Some Returnable passes may be picked up 5 days in advance. Shared day passes may not be available.

Please check the library's hours for holidays and other days when the library is closed and you cannot pick up passes. Check each museum's web site for up-to-date hours of operation and directions. You will see links to the museum web sites as you book your pass.

Call the Circulation Desk at 978-623-8400 or the Reference Desk at 978-623-8430 if you need help booking passes online or to have staff book a pass for you or to cancel a pass. Passes can now by cancelled online. As a courtesy to other patrons who may want to reserve passes, please cancel your reservation as soon as you know your plans have changed.

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