24/7 online chat service
24/7 online chat service

Fill in the information to your right and then click the Connect button. While you are waiting, please DO NOT type in a new url, or use the Forward or Refresh/Reload buttons on your browser. If you do, you may be disconnected from Chat Reference! You can click on links and still stay connected.

Please note: In most cases you will be communicating with a librarian who does not work at your local library and does not have access to your library card records.

Ask a Librarian

Memorial Hall Library is a member of the QuestionPoint cooperative which is staffed by librarians from all over the United States and Great Britain. The librarian answering your question may be an Andover librarian, but may also be a librarian from any one of the QuestionPoint cooperative libraries. It is because of this cooperative that the service can be offered to you 24/7.

You will communicate with the librarian in real time using chat software accessed through your Internet browser. At the end of the session you will receive a transcript via e-mail. This will include the written record of the chat conversation with the URL's of all sites visited.

If your question requires more information, you will receive an answer by email within a few days.

Privacy Statement

This Privacy Statement defines OCLC's privacy policy and explains what is done with the personal information that is collected from users. Please read it to understand how these practices pertain to you as you use this service. http://www.oclc.org/policies/privacy/default.htm

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this statement, you should contact QuestionPoint's site coordinator at privacy@oclc.org.