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A summer reading list of lists

Summer reading

We love reading in the summer here at MHL. Obviously, we love reading any time of year, but there is something particularly special about books and sunshine. Whether you're on the beach, in the woods, or just at your house, there's nothing like a good book during a vacation. I find it fascinating what people like to read over the summer. Some like light and juicy fiction, while other prefer to use their time to sink their teeth into something heavy and serious. Personally, I like to read adult fiction over the summer. I spend most of the year reading my beloved young adult literature, but it's nice to see how the over 18 crowd lives sometimes.

In addition to loving summer reading, I also love lists. It's so satisfying to make a list and then cross off what you have accomplished. Suggested reading lists are great in that way because you get the accomplishment of reading something without the pressure of crossing off every single item. Because of that, I thought patrons might enjoy a great compendium of lists of summer reading suggestions. There are some common titles - many writers suggest Lincoln in the Bardo and The Hate U Give - but there is something on these lists for everyone! Take a look at this top 10 list of lists:

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Of course, if you would like to request any of these titles, contact the reference desk at 978-623-8430 or email us at Finally, if you need more or can't find anything on these lists that strike your fancy, ask a librarian! We're always happy to give recommendations.