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Memorial Hall Library

Teen Tech Week at MHL 2017

teen tech week at memorial hall library

If you didn't know, this week is Teen Tech Week. Teen Tech Week is sponsored by the American Library Association and YALSA, the Young Adult section of ALA, to promote and encourage teen technology use and exploration. Technology is all around us but there are even more ways for teens to be involved! This week we have some tech-related programming in the Teen Room to celebrate. For more information see some of great technology resources at the library and beyond.

Teen Tech Week Programming in the Teen Room (open to teens in grades 6 - 12; drop in program)

Duct Tape Phone Wallet, Monday March 6 at 3pm- Make a "magic" duct tape wallet that flips to hold your phone. 

Earbud Decor, Wednesday March 8 at 3:30pm- Wrap colorful embroidery floss around your earbud cords to keep them from tangling.

Deconstruct a Computer, Thursday March 9 at 3pm- Ever wanted to see what is inside your computer? Systems librarian Theo will help take apart and show you a computer's guts!

Resources at Memorial Hall Library:

Search the catalog for books about technology

Girls Who Code at MHL - Check for 2017-2018 information this summer! - a great resource available to Andover cardholders with many software tutorials and more. 

Safari Books Online - thousands of technology books available online with your library card.

Resources outside MHL:

Careers with Code magazine -  a free online magazine that highlights careers in STEM fields for high school students.

Hour of Code - a program that encourages people to do one hour of coding in December or any time during the year to make games and more.

Make - a magazine and network for DIY-ers of all types with projects, guides, and Maker Faires all around the country and world.

Robotics Club at Andover High School - an all grades club that meets Wednesdays at Fridays after school to build robots and participate in competitions.