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Additions to our Digitization Station

additions to our Digitization Station

We've added some items to our Digitization Station!

First, for those who have 110 film negatives to scan, we've purchased an adapter that works with our 120 film guide and scanner

Second, for those with videos stored on VHS-C cassettes (once popular with JVC and Panasonic camcorders), we now have an adaptor that will let you play them on our VHS player so they can be digitized or burned to DVD.

Finally, for people who have other types of video tapes, we've got an A/V cable that is compatible with most MiniDV and Digital8 camcorders made by Sony, Canon, JVC, Samsung, Panasonic and Sharp. It also works with many Hi8 camcorders. If you have videos on your camcorder and your camcorder has a mini AV jack, bring it in and we'll see if it can connect to our digitization hardware!

Ask at the Reference Desk for these items and for help using them!