The library will be closed Wednesday, June 19th, for Juneteenth

Memorial Hall Library

Closing Policy

Memorial Hall Library is open 68 hours a week year-round.  On occasion, circumstances may prevent the library from opening, may postpone opening, or require early closing.  The primary factor in a decision to close will be the safety of library patrons and staff.  

Inclement Weather Emergency 

The decision to be closed will be made by the Town Manager, with input from the Library Director and the Department of Public Works. If an emergency weather situation develops in the evening or on weekends the Town Manager or their designee shall be contacted before any decision is made on closing the library.  The Library Director, or their designee may make the closure decision only when the Town Manager or their designee is not available. 

Facility Related Situation

The Town Manager shall be notified immediately when a facility related situation exists that poses a safety issue to patrons and/or staff. The Library Director or their designee shall have the authority to close the library in such instances when the Town Manager or their designee is not available. 

Minimum Staffing

The Library is a 55,000 square foot building on 4 levels. To operate safely there should be a minimum of four library staff and one custodian in the building. The Town Manager and Library Director will determine if it is safe to open with minimum staffing. 

Reopening the Library

The library will reopen when it is deemed safe to travel to and enter the library. The library may be open when the Andover Public Schools are closed.  


In the event of a library closure, the public will be notified by the following means, if possible:

  • Closing signs on doors
  • Library web page
  • Town of Andover web page
  • Closed message on library voicemail
  • Social media posts – Facebook, Twitter
  • Email alert

Unattended Children

The library will do its best to contact any unattended child’s parents or guardian by phone for immediate pickup.  If we cannot successfully contact a parent or guardian, the supervision of the child will become a police matter to ensure the child’s safety.  Please see our Safe Child Policy.

Return of Items/Pickup of Holds

We do not want our patrons to drive to the library if it is not safe to do so.  Therefore, all items returned in the external materials return in the parking lot or inside the building will be checked in without penalty for two days after the library reopens. All holds on the pickup shelves will be held for an additional two days after the library reopens. Museum pass reservations may be impacted.

Staff Development Training

From time to time, the library may be closed for staff development training.  These closures are infrequent and are publicized well in advance.


Approved by the Library Board of Trustees, January 11, 2023