The library will be closed Sunday, July 3rd and Monday, July 4th for Independence Day

Memorial Hall Library

Safe Child Policy

Statement of Concern

The Trustees and staff of Memorial Hall Library want children to feel welcome and safe when visiting the library.  The Library offers many programs and services to encourage a love of books, reading and learning.  Because this is a large, busy, public building, staff cannot monitor the behavior, safety or whereabouts of people using it.  The safety and supervision of children is the responsibility of parents, guardians or caregivers, not library staff.

  1. Children age 9 and under must be attended by a caregiver (any individual age 14 or older) while in the Library.  Caregivers must provide direct supervision at all times.
  2. Students, ages 10 and 11, who are still in elementary school may stay at the Library for up to two hours per day without a caregiver.
  3. Caregivers are responsible for picking up children by the time the Library closes for the day.
  4. Children at closing time:
  • If staff members realize that a child under the age of 14 has not been picked up by the 9pm closing time they will try to contact the child’s parents or another caregiver.
  • If staff members realize a child under the age of 11 has not been picked up by the 5pm closing time they will try to contact the child’s parents or another caregiver.

If no adult can be reached staff will call the Andover Police. At this time staff should inform their supervisor, the Assistant Director and the Library Director. Two staff members should stay with the child until a parent, other caregiver or the police arrive. Library staff will not transport children from the Library to another location except to walk the child to the police station if asked by the police.

Staff should call the Andover Police immediately if children from one family are not picked up at closing time more than once.

Parents or caretakers who violate the rules stated above risk having their library privileges restricted or revoked.