Memorial Hall Library

In the Beginning- a discussion with Scott Flaig

in the beginning
Tuesday, December 6, 2022 - 7:00pm

"In the Beginning" are 3 words that for centuries have been debated by theologians of all faiths, philosophers, and across several disciplines within the scientific community. Join lecturer Scott Flaig in Memorial Hall for a holistic discussion of the beginning of everything.

Was there a beginning to the universe? Is the universe eternal? If there was a beginning, does that mean that there is an end as well? In this presentation Scott Flaig will discuss how the beginning is perceived through a holistic lens of faith, science, and reason.

Mr. Flaig has a BS in Mathematics from the University of Dubuque, Certification in Cosmology from Yale University, and has presented nationally about the Mysteries of the Cosmos.

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